Arm strengthening exercises with homemade dumbbells

We started lockdown last week with some exercises for strengthening our legs, and this week I have an arm exercises video for you. The exercises should be familiar to those of you who attend the Physio Fit Exercise Class

Click here for video

We don’t have access to any dumbbells in our house at the moment, so we had great fun this afternoon making our own. We filled two 500ml pop bottles with dry sand, and then filled them up with water. Each bottle weighs just over 1kg. There were plenty of opportunities for maths and physics lessons doing this, for those of you that are homeschooling at the moment.

1kg weights may feel too light for you, so rather then completing 5 sets of 5 repetitions that we usually recommend to help manage sarcopenia, the natural weakening of muscles that happens as we get older, I would try completing 10 repetitions, and repeating this up to three times.

Alternatively – find a heavier weight! Please share with me your creative ideas for making a 2 or 3kg weight, that is neither too bulky or potentially dangerous

3 thoughts on “Arm strengthening exercises with homemade dumbbells

  • 29th March 2020 at 11:50 am

    Excellent Jacqueline and not forgetting the help from Peter!

  • 23rd June 2020 at 3:35 pm

    Dirt and water is mud mud weighs more than dirt let it dry mud is heavier and put sand and dirt with water and dry it in the bottle and you will have a pottery like material hard like cement but not pottery it will dissolve with water.

    Drying in the bottle can be done in the sunshine over a few weeks but it has to be sunny and it will take a long time.

    It will also take a long time to dissolve the material after it drys with water
    About 2 days.

    Fill a bottle with either dirt or dirt and sand half way and the other half with water. A glass bottle might be better then a plastic bottle but having not tried this you will need to experiment a bit.
    To much heat could crack the glass on a glass bottle.
    Just like to much heat will melt the plastic on a plastic bottle.

    The material will need to be properly dry before use or it will be liquid in the middle and queue cracking as you use it.

    You could also make the material in an old paint can same way and same rules.

    The metal of the paint can will take more heat (less time to dry) but it will go soft if you use to much heat. Positive advantage of a paint can you may be able to put it in an oven for very short burns of cooking. Again having never tried this you will need to experiment with the idea if you want to try it.


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