Balance exercises from across the pond

I’m still on the search for some good exercise videos to help you get some variety, but I must be quite picky as I seem to reject more than I like.

Now these two Physical Therapists from the US might be very chatty, but their exercises are quite sensible. Bob & Brad show you 7 exercises that will help your balance, that you can complete in your own home. They talk you through how to make the exercises easier or more difficult, so you can complete them at the level that’s right for you.

The main area I wasn’t that keen on, was the use of cut out circles on the floor for the ‘star balance’ exercise. Loose objects on the floor could be a slip and trip hazard. Could you use the pattern on your flooring, or stick down some bright tape instead?

So what did you think? Let me know how you got on

As ever, there is risk with any exercise, so please take care and remain within your safe limits. Exercise at your own risk

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