Falls Physiotherapy

Falls Physiotherapy in your home

Longsands Rehabilitation provides at-home strength and balance physiotherapy treatment to reduce the risk of falling. We complete falls physiotherapy assessments in Tynemouth, North Tyneside, Newcastle and wider North East.

Our home physiotherapy service is ideal when you start to lose your confidence about leaving the house. Or when you are worrying about your strength, balance or falling.

An experienced Physiotherapists will complete an assessment of your falls history, strength, balance, walking ability, and transfers. We can support you with advice and exercises, so that you can lower your risk of falling. Furthermore, our experienced Physiotherapists can teach you exercises to strengthen your muscles and improve your balance.

Our aim is to help you keep going with everyday activities for as long as you can. We follow the latest research and guidance, so that you receive high quality treatment.

Physiotherapy to improve osteoporosis and muscle weakness

Clinical research has proven that specific exercises can improve bone health and muscle strength in people with osteoporosis. Our Physiotherapists will complete an assessment to deliver a bespoke exercise programme for you. This physiotherapy treatment can take place in your own home for your convenience, or you may wish to join our group Physio Fit Exercise Class.

Physio Fit Exercise Class

Falls physiotherapy

Exercise can reduce the risk of falls. If you are generally quite fit and do not need home-visit Physiotherapy, then try our Physio Fit Exercise Class. The weekly exercise class includes exercises to improve your muscle strength and balance to help prevent falls.

Physiotherapy Tynemouth Falls
Falls, strength and balance exercise class

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