Coping during Covid19

Covid-19 continues to cause chaos and uncertainty for many. Coping with uncertainty is not easy at the best of times – but the constant threat of further lock downs, schools re-closing and job insecurity is going to affect even the most resilient amongst us. There are some free courses that could help you or your loved ones coping during these challenging times.

Balance exercises from across the pond

I’m still on the search for some good exercise videos to help you get some variety, but I must be quite picky as I seem to reject more than I like.

Now these two Physical Therapists from the US might be very chatty, but their exercises are quite sensible. Bob & Brad show you 7 exercises that will help your balance, that you can complete in your own home. They talk you through how to make the exercises easier or more difficult, so you can complete them at the level that’s right for you.

The main area I wasn’t that keen on, was the use of cut out circles on the floor for the ‘star balance’ exercise. Loose objects on the floor could be a slip and trip hazard. Could you use the pattern on your flooring, or stick down some bright tape instead?

So what did you think? Let me know how you got on

As ever, there is risk with any exercise, so please take care and remain within your safe limits. Exercise at your own risk

Something different – Joe’s home workout

So everyone else is doing it, are you? Joe Wicks, of #lockdown PE class fame has recorded his 10 minute Home Workout for Seniors. It’s quite different from our Physio Fit Exercise Class, but they say a change can be as good as a rest.

The programme includes a range of exercises that you complete for 40 seconds, with 20 second rest between each exercise. Joe includes a lateral shoulder exercise and a spine twist, which I know I would modify for a few of my regulars – so remember that when you are following an exercise video, let common sense prevail. If you experience pain – stop. You may need to modify the exercises to suit your physical abilities, and can seek guidance from your Physiotherapist.

How to get into a good exercise habit…

Those of you who know me, will know that I am passionate about the importance of keeping moving and active, especially as we are getting older. And it looks like I’m not alone 🙂

I have been supporting my local community with an evidence-based physiotherapy-led exercise class, but the team at #MakeMovementYourMission are taking it global. This initiative is helping people to change their routine behaviours, and make movement a regular part of your everyday – not just once a week at your exercise class (I know who you are 😉 ).

During the Covid19 lockdown, you can take part in a series of exercises three times a day, shared in the Facebook Group MakeMovementYourMission (click link). They all there – strength, balance, fitness. You can stand or sit, and you can choose the exercise level right for you.

For those of you not on Facebook, you can find the videos on YouTube. There are already over 40 videos available, which is a huge resource. If you watch on YouTube, the first few minutes are a ‘pre-broadcast’ before YouTube goes live, and then Bex Townley from LaterLife Training takes you through your exercises.