Physio Fit Exercise Class

Covid-19 Update: I’m delighted to announce Physio Fit Exercise classes are returning to the Community Venues from Monday 17th May 2021. Contact Jacqueline for more information or to reserve your space.

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Fitness, Strength and Balance Physiotherapy in Tynemouth

Physio Fit Exercise Class

Physio Fit Exercise Classes

Holy Saviour’s Parish Hall, Tynemouth

  • Mondays 10.05am – 10.55am
  • Thursdays 9.30am – 10.10am

Physio Fit Exercise Class is a small strength and balance physiotherapy-led exercise class in Tynemouth to build your fitness, strength, and balance. All ages and abilities welcome. As we are are physiotherapy-led class, we can tailor your exercises to meet your individual needs and goals.

The specially-designed exercise class in Tynemouth includes aerobics, balance and resisted-strength training exercises. The all-round exercise programme will help you improve your flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. This is important for our bodies, especially as we get a bit older.

Resisted strength exercises

After each class, please stay for free tea and biscuits. We have a good chat about relevant topics that can give you the knowledge you need to help look after yourself.

When you are recovering from an operation or injury, we can guide you through your rehabilitation in the Physio Fit Exercise Class. You can call Jacqueline on 07726 118801 if you would like to discuss your medical or physical history before the class.

Physio Fit Exercise Class – Further information

Holy Saviour's Parish Hall, Tynemouth

Holy Saviour’s Parish Hall, Manor Road, Tynemouth

Monday mornings – 10.05am start

Thursday mornings 9.30am start

Doors open 5 minutes before the class starts. You need to complete a health and musculoskeletal screening questionnaire before you attend the first class. Contact Jacqueline for more information.

£6 – pay per session

  • Wear comfy shoes or trainers.
  • You don’t need to bring an exercise mat.
  • Informative discussions on relevant topics, such as sarcopenia, bone health, balance, and falls.

Call 07726 118801 or check our Facebook page for dates of up-coming classes.

Home-visit Physiotherapy

If you want to complete strength and balance exercises, but don’t feel able to attend the exercise class, Longsands Rehabilitation can provide an individual exercise programme in your own home. Read our Falls Physiotherapy page for more information.