June 2021

I had a knee replacement and Jacqueline was engaged as a physio for rehab. She showed good knowledge of the condition and problems associated with it. While undergoing a session she identified a DVT in the leg and my GP got me into hospital very quickly. She set goals for me to attain in my exercises with good encouragement and excellent professionalism. I was treated by Jacqueline for two months so well that my walking and general fitness improved greatly.

Mr S

June 2021

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your class {Tai Chi}. Your gentle technique and skill makes it possible for me to believe that I can learn this! More importantly, I leave the class feeling better than before. Thank you Jacqueline”

(Name withheld for confidentiality)

May 2021

The Physiofit class is fun – everyone does the exercises to their own ability, we do stretching, balance, gentle weight exercises and some cardiovascular exercises and at the end we get to have a chat – like I said, it’s fun.

(Name withheld for confidentiality)

April 2021

I am so pleased I joined this friendly PhysioFit class. It has been so beneficial to my balance and fitness and has improved my physical confidence and well being.  Longsands PhysioFit is run in a very professional and supportive manner and is fun and enjoyable too.

(Name withheld for confidentiality)

November 2020

I am very pleased to have met Jacqueline, from Longsands Rehabilitation. She has magically transformed my stiff and painful wrist into my normal wrist, in just 7 days. I broke my wrist 8 weeks ago and when the cast came off I couldn’t move it at all. I was very worried I would never move it again, but after one session with Jacqueline she had it moving. She left me clear and concise instructions for exercises, and a week later came back with more help. I feel like I am making excellent progress after just 7 days. I highly recommend her services to anyone, but especially anyone with a newly out of cast fracture of the radius. She is very gentle and I swear she has magic hands!

(Name withheld for patient confidentiality)

October 2020

After your visit, his confidence surged! Both my mum and dad are now slowly walking into town most days and my mum reports she finds him doing his exercises while making cups of tea and while she potters about! You were BRILLIANT! Thank you ever so much! You really did give him a big shot of confidence and he hasn’t looked back!

(Name withheld for patient confidentiality)

June 2020

Jacks is an experienced physiotherapist and I appreciated her clear and helpful physio advice via video call when I broke my shoulder. She provided extra reassurance and support particularly during lockdown. Recommend for anyone post trauma injury or planned orthopaedic operation

(Name withheld for patient confidentiality)

April 2020

The Amazing Jacqueline Claydon, MCSP!

I am 79 and had a recent fall (3 months ago) that left me with a severe limp and a right leg and foot impairment that forced my right foot to turn outwards causing pain when I tried to walk or exercise. Nor could I bend this leg properly and I despaired, believing this injury could well be permanent.
My daughter recommended that I speak with Jacqueline and I had an over-the-telephone interview with her lasting around 15 minutes which included her watching a short mobile video of my impaired gait. She then suggested a short series of exercises for me to do around 3 times per day which were not at all strenuous and reassured me that the problem could well be corrected.
After only 8-9 days of doing these simple exercises, I am delighted to report that my gait is slowly returning to normal and the twisted knee and hip muscles and tendons no longer hurt as they did after the fall.
I cannot thank this young lady enough for this assistance so generously given and when lockdown is eventually eased I fully intend to go to her valuable classes for older people. Thank you Jacqueline – Longsands has a true Treasure in you.

Ms Ellen Wise, April 2020