New Tai Chi Classes in Tynemouth and Cullercoats

Starting 21st September 2020 in Cullercoats and Tynemouth- Tai Chi for Health.

Tai Chi Tynemouth Cullercoats

Always wanted to try Tai Chi?  Joints feel achy and want an exercise that helps arthritis? 

We are delighted to be starting new daytime Tai Chi classes in Tynemouth and Cullercoats from 21st September 2020.

  • Monday mornings 9.15-10am Holy Saviours Parish Hall Manor Road Tynemouth starting 21st September – FULL
  • Thursday afternoons 1.15-2pm Cullercoats Methodist Church starting 24th September – FULL
  • Coming soon – Thursday afternoons 2.15-3pm Cullercoats Methodist Church – starting November: Email to be notified when bookings open

You will learn the Tai Chi for Arthritis programme to increase muscle strength and flexibility. It improves balance both mentally and physically and is a great form of relaxation.  For people with or without arthritis – all ages and abilities welcome.

Classes cost £5 and must be pre-booked due to Covid-19.       

Contact Jacqueline on 07726 118801 or for further information or to book a place.

Something different – Joe’s home workout

So everyone else is doing it, are you? Joe Wicks, of #lockdown PE class fame has recorded his 10 minute Home Workout for Seniors. It’s quite different from our Physio Fit Exercise Class, but they say a change can be as good as a rest.

The programme includes a range of exercises that you complete for 40 seconds, with 20 second rest between each exercise. Joe includes a lateral shoulder exercise and a spine twist, which I know I would modify for a few of my regulars – so remember that when you are following an exercise video, let common sense prevail. If you experience pain – stop. You may need to modify the exercises to suit your physical abilities, and can seek guidance from your Physiotherapist.

Gentle exercises with an old friend

Looking for inspiration and motivation to get moving? Well why not catch up with an old friend- the Green Goddess. Diane Moran is an expert at delivering virtual exercise classes, although we didn’t call it that back in the 1980s 😉 To help us through social distancing and self-isolation, Diane has shared some new exercises on her blog.

Now I’m not suggesting you pull on a green leotard, but why not try some of her moves. Her older videos include standing exercises, and the more recent ones are sitting down so there should be something for everyone…..

Exercising in standing
Exercises sitting down

Arm strengthening exercises with homemade dumbbells

We started lockdown last week with some exercises for strengthening our legs, and this week I have an arm exercises video for you. The exercises should be familiar to those of you who attend the Physio Fit Exercise Class

Click here for video

We don’t have access to any dumbbells in our house at the moment, so we had great fun this afternoon making our own. We filled two 500ml pop bottles with dry sand, and then filled them up with water. Each bottle weighs just over 1kg. There were plenty of opportunities for maths and physics lessons doing this, for those of you that are homeschooling at the moment.

1kg weights may feel too light for you, so rather then completing 5 sets of 5 repetitions that we usually recommend to help manage sarcopenia, the natural weakening of muscles that happens as we get older, I would try completing 10 repetitions, and repeating this up to three times.

Alternatively – find a heavier weight! Please share with me your creative ideas for making a 2 or 3kg weight, that is neither too bulky or potentially dangerous

Exercise and arthritis

Arthritis can develop into a painful and debilitation condition causing stiffness and weakness. The can affect your ability to take part in every day activities.

Naturally, many people become afraid of moving due to the pain they are likely to experience. The lack of activity leads to weaker muscles, which can lead to further loss of mobility and independence.

We recommend you gradually build up a gentle exercise programme, to help improve your strength and manage your pain. In normal circumstances, we would recommend you get advice from a Physiotherapist before you start exercising to discuss exercises appropriate for you. I don’t want you to put off exercising whilst we are social distancing, so here is a general advice from the fantastic Versus Arthritis .

Versus Arthritis produce a range of leaflets that are all underpinned by research. You can download for free a booklet: Keep moving with lots of tips and hints. There’s even a handy poster at the end. The exercises are a good start and will help many people. Heed the advice in the leaflet, and if you get pain or feel unwell, stop. If you have difficulty with any of the exercises, then seek advice from a physiotherapist.

You can find a wider selection of the leaflets published by Versus Arthritis here – click on the download button for instant, free access 🙂