Something different – Joe’s home workout

So everyone else is doing it, are you? Joe Wicks, of #lockdown PE class fame has recorded his 10 minute Home Workout for Seniors. It’s quite different from our Physio Fit Exercise Class, but they say a change can be as good as a rest.

The programme includes a range of exercises that you complete for 40 seconds, with 20 second rest between each exercise. Joe includes a lateral shoulder exercise and a spine twist, which I know I would modify for a few of my regulars – so remember that when you are following an exercise video, let common sense prevail. If you experience pain – stop. You may need to modify the exercises to suit your physical abilities, and can seek guidance from your Physiotherapist.

Arm strengthening exercises with homemade dumbbells

We started lockdown last week with some exercises for strengthening our legs, and this week I have an arm exercises video for you. The exercises should be familiar to those of you who attend the Physio Fit Exercise Class

Click here for video

We don’t have access to any dumbbells in our house at the moment, so we had great fun this afternoon making our own. We filled two 500ml pop bottles with dry sand, and then filled them up with water. Each bottle weighs just over 1kg. There were plenty of opportunities for maths and physics lessons doing this, for those of you that are homeschooling at the moment.

1kg weights may feel too light for you, so rather then completing 5 sets of 5 repetitions that we usually recommend to help manage sarcopenia, the natural weakening of muscles that happens as we get older, I would try completing 10 repetitions, and repeating this up to three times.

Alternatively – find a heavier weight! Please share with me your creative ideas for making a 2 or 3kg weight, that is neither too bulky or potentially dangerous

Testing your balance

Following on from Sunday’s post where I shared a useful booklet about falls, here is a short video from NHS Inform about balance. The video shows you one way to test your balance.

The website then offers a choice of 3 further videos, each showing exercises to help you improve your balance, which may be appropriate for your level.

Give it a go – it’s never too early to start exercises to help your balance and reduce risk of falls.

#StayHome #KeepActive #KeepStrong

Worrying your older family and friends may be at risk of falls now you can’t visit them?

As we get older, our strength and balance can deteriorate and increase our risk of falls. This can be a worrying time for family and friends, and even more so now we can no longer drop in on the way home from work to check they are ok.

As a Physiotherapist, I understand how important it is to try and prevent falls, as the consequences of a fall or broken bone can be significant when a person is frail.

Longsands Rehabilitation normally provides a falls assessment and treatment programme to people in their own homes – but with the current Covid-19 pandemic I am #stayinghome to play my part in social distancing. However I am fully aware that there are people out there who may need a comprehensive falls assessment by a qualified healthcare provider.

If you are worried about yourself, family or friends having a fall in the home, make sure you/they discuss this with a doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or social care provider. In the meantime, read this fantastic booklet produced by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy with Saga and PHE for ideas how you can offer support.

I like this booklet: Get up and go as it has some good general advice and includes a simple checklist of tasks that can help reduce risk of falls. There are also a few exercises in the booklet that may be suitable to improve strength and balance. You could try them too, especially if you are stuck at home during this period of social distancing!